Xara are in the process of merging all existing separate Xara Online and XaraClub accounts into one Xara Online account. During this time you may have accounts on one or both of these systems, depending on which Xara products and services you have used in the past.

You have a XaraClub Account if you own
Xara X
Xara3D 1,2,3,4,5
Xara Webstyle 1, 2 and 3
Xara Menu Maker 1.0
Xara Webster
BuyFonts (before Jan 6 2006)

You have a Xara Online Account if you own
Xara X¹ or Xara Xtreme
Xara Xtreme Pro
Xara3D 6
Xara Webstyle 4
Xara Menu Maker 1.1
Xara ScreenMaker 3D
Xara XS
BuyFonts (after Jan 6 2006)
Any hosted online service (Xara Modules, web page add-ons, SMS & membership web applications, photo gallery etc.)

If you have a XaraClub account and you wish to purchase one of the products on the right, then purchase as normal and simply enter your usual XaraClub username or email address and password when prompted - a new Xara Online account will be created for you automatically. If you already have a Xara Online account, sign in with your email address and Xara Online password instead. Any discounts you are entitled to are transferred automatically.

You can find your account(s) using your email address, username or using a Xara product serial number. Please enter ONE of the following and click the corresponding Send Hint button. You will be sent an email for each account that matches the details you enter. We recommend you use the serial number option if you know it.

If the password hint doesn't help, you can reset your password using the instructions in the password hint email.

Your XaraClub username:

Your e-mail address:

(This is the email address in
your Xara account)

Your serial number:

(Please include the letters at
the start of the serial number
and any hyphens '-' if your
serial number has them)

Still having trouble? Contact us with any information that might help us, including your name and postal address, any possible email addresses and the product and version you are looking for.